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  Services - Profit Sharing
90 % of accuracy.
Messages will be provided according to market condition via SMS in mobile & Yahoo messenger.
Profit minimum earn monthly RS 70,000/- to Rs 1,20,000/-
Minimum QTY 1 lot in f&o/Mcx YA 4 lot in index future (nifty future & banknifty future) and 500 shares in equity(Recommadation may be in ANY 1 segamnt).
Only one stop loss and one target will be provided.
Stocks Messages will be F&O and positional are included.
Personalized service for client with every movement of call whether to wait or exit.
Losses occured due to our recommendations will not be pay by us in terms of money. Losses will be covered by giving you trading sms only.
  Example   : If Mr. Sachin trading by our recommendation . on first 5 days making profit of Rs 30000/- and on 6 th day making loss of Rs 4000/- then profit – loss mean 30000/- Rs. – 4000/- Rs. = 26000/-Rs. so, client has to pay us 25 % of Rs. 26000/- = Rs 6,500/- as a fees .
Profit sharing will be in the ratio of 75 : 25 mean 75 % of the profit for client and 25% of the profit client has to pay us as a fees.
Profit sharing services will not deduct trading expenses like Brokerage , STT or any other hidden charges.
Get transparency in profit assurance daily performance will be given on sms Or E- mail.
We are not responsible for excuse like

·  Trading  not done
·  Margin not available
·  Broker cut  client’s   position
·  Client is out of town or trading was not done
·  Broker was not receiving the phone 

Get proper profit for your investment.

For   Future  call  : ( F&O ) Buy  Reliance  above 691 SL 683 Target  701
For   Equity  call  : ( NSE ) Buy  Jublfood above 1200 sl 1185 Target  1280
For Mcx call : (Bullion) Buy Silver above 55000 sl 54700 tgt 55400
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Email : ranjit
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